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1. License

2. Dynamic Updates

3. Firewall Backups and Upgrades

1. License

  • Google Palo Alto support > Log in >  Assets > VM-Series Auth-Codes > Register VM > Enter the UUID and CPUID from your VM


- 3 methods to upgrade firewalls: local PC, panorama, Palo Alto support site

​-firewall upgrade dependencies: application version and threat version / base version 


Note: without license, you can not use advanced features

  • If following above steps failed to retrieve license from the firewall's web UI, try to download the PA-VM license from support portal and manually upload it to the virtual firewall

  • You should see similar features below:

2. Dynamic Updates

Note: you need to download and install latest dynamic updates before you can upgrade your firewall

  • Download and install the latest updates:


3. Firewall Upgrades

3.1 Backup firewall configurations

  • First, click commit button

  • Then, take a configuration snapshot:


  • Download the snapshot to your local PC in case firewall goes corrupted during upgrades 


When you need it, you can simply upload the file via import:


Note: if this is in VM environment, make sure you have same interfaces setup for the new firewall


3.2 Upgrade firewall. First, check all available version, download the target base version (note, you do not need to install, just download)


  • Now, download and install targeted version:


Reboot firewall and verify the firewall's new version


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