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Configure NAT on R1 in such a way that all users of the corporate office can access the Internet by sharing the public IP address assigned to R1.


NOTE: Only valid IP addresses from the corporate office should be permitted to use NAT; R1 should NAT only IP subnets shown in the network diagram.


Verify NAT is working correctly by pinging or from PC A or PC B.

NOTE: If building this lab on your own, you will need to configure these IP addresses as loopback inter faces on the ISP. Do NOT configure any other routes on the ISP; if NAT is working correctly, the ISP should be able to respond to devices behind R1.



int s1/0
 ip nat outside

int fa0/0
 ip nat inside
int FastEthernet0/0.2
 ip nat inside
int FastEthernet0/0.5
 ip nat inside

Standard IP access list NATTABLE

ip nat inside source list NATTABLE interface Serial1/0 overload




Inside local: -------------original source IP

Inside global: -----------translated source IP

Outside local: ----------original destination IP

Outside global: --------translated destination IP




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