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1. Configure the Neo router fa0/0 to connect to the ISP with a PPPoE DSL connection

  - The Neo router should learn its public address dynamically

  - Use the hostname "ABC" with a password of "abc123" to authenticate

2. Configure a default route out the Dialer interface you create on your router

3. Use the proper show commands to verify the PPPoE connection is working

4. Ping and to test Internet connectivity








Create a dialer interface, aka the head:

  int dialer 1
  mtu 1492
  encapsulation ppp
  ip address negotiated  !-----------------------getting an IP from DHCP
  ppp chap hostname ABC
  ppp chap password abc123
  dialer pool 1


Tie the head with the body (fa0/0) to a pool:

  int fa0/0 

  no shut
  pppoe enable
  pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1

Create a default route:

  ip route dialer 1

ISP: (note this part if not required by CCNA)

hostname ISP
username CBTNuggets password IsQuiteFun
bba-group pppoe PPPoE_Group
 Virtual-template 1
interface FastEthernet0/0
 pppoe enable group PPPoE_Group
 no shutdown
interface Virtual-Template1
 ip address
 peer default ip address pool PPPoEClientPool
 ppp authentication chap callin
ip local pool PPPoEClientPool
interface loopback 1
 ip address

interface loopback 2
 ip address




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